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Morrison House

168 Barry Parade
Brisbane 4006 QLD

Studio hours:  9:30am – 9:30pm
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+61 415 997 911

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About Ai3D

Ai3D is a recognised authority in digital technologies for pre-rendered, immersive, interactive and experiential visualisation in the areas of public exhibition and infrastructure.At Ai3D, we are at the forefront of developing photoreal content for fully immersive 3D stereoscopic virtual worlds (True VR) transporting users to another place with experiential and interactive content.


We have uniquely refined capabilities to produce large and detailed 3D virtual world models that are designed and built with flexibility for life of project service. At our core, Ai3D possess expertise, practical knowledge, resources and efficient systems. These have been refined over 16 years of experience with the largest high profile and complex infrastructure projects backed by a team of experts in their fields.


Ai3D core skill-set:

  • virtual prototyping – multi-user collaborative VR
  • create 3D high-definition interactive virtual worlds for real-time rendered apps and serious games in VR engines such as UE4, UE5, Cryengine, Unigine, Unity and Torque 3D
  • create large, accurate and highly detailed 3d & 4d real-time rendered data sets in photo-real visual quality
  • have a proven track record for delivery of large projects as a company, and across our staff, with total project values exceeding $15 billion in the last 2 years
  • have experience with the masterplanning & design of VR theme parks
  • have a diverse mastery of programming languages used in the creation of bespoke solutions
  • have extensive experience of modelling and real world environment capture techniques
  • create immersive photoreal “true VR” experiences with free motion, dynamic & baked lighting and multisensory experiences with haptic feedback
  • consider visual quality and aesthetics as a high priority.